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The Climate Studies Group, Mona (CSGM) celebrated its 25th anniversary on Thursday, August 8 with a dinner at the Mona Visitors Lodge. The dinner was attended by members of the CSGM and collaborators, who also attended the meeting of the Caribbean Climate Modeller’s Consortium on August 7-8. Over the course of the dinner, the attendees honoured the founder of the group, Prof. Anthony Chen, and its current directors, Prof. Michael Taylor and Dr. Tannecia Stephenson. The CSGM was formed in 1994 in the Department of Physics with a small number of graduate students and faculty. Its goal was to further the understanding of the climate dynamics of the Caribbean region, make projections of the region's future climate, and investigate climate impacts and usefulness of renewable energy as a mitigation strategy for Jamaica. Since then, the group has expanded substantially and carried out extensive research in the field of climate science. The awards obtained by the CSGM thus far include 1 Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence, 3 Musgrave Medals for Science, 2 Vice Chancellor’s Awards, approximately 15 Principal's Research Awards, and 1 Nobel Prize awarded to Prof. Chen and the IPCC team of which he was a part in 2007. The group has also had over 25 MPhil and PhD students, 3 IPCC Coordinating Lead Authors and Lead Authors, along with numerous peer reviewed articles, technical reports, book chapters, and risk analyses. Among the members of staff in the group, there have been 3 Heads of the Physics Department and 1 Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. The CSGM continues to work arduously to investigate climate change and its likely impacts for the Caribbean in collaboration with partners across the region.

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