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Listen to FST’s own Prof. Mona Webber on CESaRE’s latest podcast (Episode 7)

A lawyer, an economist, an environmental Professor (our own Prof. Webber) & a climatologist talk Coronavirus and Caribbean Resilience in CESaRE’s latest Voices Podcast (Episode 7). 

CESaRE is a unique new and modern take on the science journal exploring Caribbean Environmental Sciences, Renewable Energy, Policy and Sustainable Design. You may also want to check out Episode 1 (Prof. Michael Taylor, Dean and Dr. Randy Konn Koon, Physics speak on climate change and the regional energy potential) and also Episode 2 (Dr. Dale Rankine speaks about crop modelling).


Follow the link to go directly to Episode 7


Check out CESaRE:

Published on 03 Jun, 2020

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