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Professor Taylor Promotes Renewable Energy To Combat Climate Change

"Amid worldwide rising temperatures, caused by climate change, one scientist is advocating for the use of more renewable energy and water-adaptation measures to address the challenge of climate change.

Professor Michael Taylor, director of the Climate Studies Group, Mona, and dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at The University of the West Indies, is challenging the financial sector to use renewable energy by providing incentives to move in this direction.

The expert in climate change science in the region made the call amid the heatwave which has struck the country and other parts of the world since the start of the summer. Professor Taylor assessed that to mitigate change, greenhouse gases must be reduced.

“The point is, greenhouse gases have been going up, and that is why we are warming. One of our first course of action is, how do we slow the rate? We have to decrease greenhouse gas emissions,” he maintained."

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