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Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Anderson, Ricardo (Dr) Computing Knowledge Management Systems Read more
Asemota, Helen (Prof) Biotechnology Bioengineering yams and biomaterials, Yam-based bioproducts development Read more
Ashtine, Masaō (Dr) Physics climate change;Renewable energy; Energy meterology;Wind energy;Caribbean renewables Read more
Ausaru, Ajani (Mr) Mathematics Dispersion phenomena in Physiological fluid flows Read more
Behera, Diptiranjan (Dr) Mathematics Fuzzy and interval Modelling; Differential and fractional differential equations; Numerical methods; Optimization Problems; Structural Analysis Read more
Benkeblia, Noureddine (Prof) Life Sciences Crop Physiology and Sustainable Agriculture under Warming and Drought Conditions. Read more
Bennett, Phillipa (Dr) Computing Software Modeling, Formal Methods Read more
Boyd , Frederick (Dr) Life Sciences Eukaryotic Microorganisms / Phycology; Economic & Medicinal Botany. Read more
Brown, Ainka (Dr) Chemistry Organic synthesis, Green Synthesis Read more
Busby-Earle, Curtis (Dr) Computing Software security; Software engineering with particular interest in requirements engineering Read more


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