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Research Database

Title Department Research Areas Link to content
Prof. Byron Wilson Life Sciences Biodiversity conservation; Human impacts on ecosystems; Status of threatened species Read more
Prof. Mona Webber Life Sciences Assessment of marine habitat quality: water columns; mangroves; seagrasses. Read more
Prof. Mitko Voutchkov Physics Medical Radiation Physics; Nuclear Spectroscopy Read more
Dr. Ian Thompson Chemistry Cassava, sweet potato & breadfruit; flour; modified starches; leaf proteins & amino acids; rennet substitutes from plants; Read more
Prof. Paula Tennant Life Sciences Molecular Plant Pathology Read more
Prof. Michael Taylor Physics Climate Change; Climate variability; Caribbean climate; Dynamical downscaling; Climate impacts. Read more
Dr. Kimberly Stephenson Life Sciences Biodiversity; Bioclimatic Modelling; Climate Change; Climate Variability; Climate Impacts Read more
Dr. Tannecia Stephenson Physics Climate Change; Climate variability; Caribbean climate; Statistical downscaling; Climate impacts; Climate Extremes Read more
Dr. Nickeisha Stephenson Chemistry Radiochemistry, organic synthesis, Fluorine chemistry, Solar energy, Chemical education Read more
Dr. Thomas Stemann Geography and Geology Coral Reefs, Biodiversity, Paleoecology, Evolution, Taphonomy Read more


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