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The Royal Society and The UWI stage 3 day Frontiers of Science Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 5:00pm

A Frontiers of Science meeting between The Royal Society and The University of the West Indies will be held this week, March 19-21 at Chicheley Hall, UK. This is the inaugural meeting in a three year programme for the advancement of science in the Caribbean and the use of science to solve big problems affecting the Region. The programme was crafted through 2 years of consultations between UWI Solutions for Developing Countries (UWI SODECO) and The Royal Society. 

The Frontiers of Science meetings are designed to bring together groups of highly talented scientists to give them opportunities to share their work and see what other sort of cutting-edge research is occurring in other academic disciplines. The objectives of the meeting are to allow a transfer of knowledge and methods between speakers both within the same disciplines and in an interdisciplinary manner, as well as to provide all attendees with the opportunity to network and connect with fellow researchers, with the ultimate objective of offering science based solutions to big problems. 

 For this meeting, a group of 30 rising stars in the sciences in the Caribbean from the three UWI campuses (including 10 from FST Mona) and their counterparts from some of the top Universities in the UK will use the opportunity to connect and develop future collaborative work together. In this inaugural meeting in the three-year programme the scientists will cover the two broad scientific disciplines of climate science and developmental biology. Meeting events will include a welcome dinner and two days of lectures and discussions. All of the topics discussed will be in an interdisciplinary plenary session with all attendees to promote the interdisciplinary research required for solutions. In addition there will be talks delivered by invited speakers and a poster session which will allow all attendees the opportunity to present their own research. 

Meeting leads from the UWI are Prof. Terrence Forrester (UWI SODECO) and Prof Michael Taylor (Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona). From the UK they are Prof. Tim Palmer (Oxford) and Professor Mark Hanson (U Southampton).


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