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Professor Edward Robinson

Professor of Geology (Emeritus)

Tel. (876) 927 2728/ 977 1441


Research Interests

1. Documentation of historical coastal changes in Jamaica, through the use of old and modern air photographs, satellite imagery and maps.
2. Coastal hazards and geological resources of the coastal shelf of Jamaica.
2. Geology of wetlands in Jamaica; wetland evolution at Negril and Black River.
3. Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of Mesozoic to Recent larger foraminifers (Protists) in the Western Hemisphere; the use of larger foraminifers in high resolution sequence stratigraphy and bio-stratigraphy.
4. Investigation of Eocene-Oligocene boundary events in Jamaica.

Current Research

1. IGCP393, Neritic Events at the Middle-Upper Eocene Boundary, an international programme investigating shallow marine invertebrate faunal changes at, and the precise position of the middle Eocene (Bartonian) to upper Eocene (Priabonian) boundary.
2. Coastal changes over the past 200 years along the Vere coast of southern Jamaica.
3. Coastal erosion problems at St. Margaret’s Bay, Portland, Jamaica.
4. Strontium isotope and larger foraminiferal stratigraphy of the middle Tertiary White Limestone of Jamaica.

Outreach Activities

Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences
Member, Standing Committee for Caribbean Geological Conference Series
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad
Member, Jamaica National Committee of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP)
Manager, Marine Geology Unit, Department of Geography & Geology, UWI

Selected Recent Articles

  • Robinson, E. 1996a. Stable isotopic evidence for relative and eustatic sea-level changes in Eocene to Oligocene carbonates, Baldwin County, Alabama: discussion. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 108 (1), 117-119.
  • Robinson, E. 1996b. The occurrence of the foraminiferal genus Halkyardia in the Caribbean region. Caribbean Journal of Science, 32 (1), 72-77.
    Robinson, E. 1996c. Charles Alfred Matley: His links with mid Twentieth Century geology in Jamaica. In Donovan, S.K. (ed.), De la Beche Meeting, Contributions to Geology, UWI, Mona, 2, 20-26.
  • Robinson, E. 1996d. Peat Resources of Jamaica. In Lappalainen, E. (ed.) Global Peat Resources. International Peat Society / UNESCO / Geological Survey of Finland, 275-278.
  • Robinson, E. 1996e. Using larger foraminifers in high resolution biostratigraphy: an example from the Eocene of the Gulf of Mexico and northern Caribbean. Palaios, 11, 220-229.
    Robinson, E., Ahmad, R., Phillip-Jordan, C, and Armstrong, M. 1996f. The Burlington landslide, mouth of the Rio Grande, Jamaica: an example of an ancient slide dam? Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica, 31, 37-42.
  • Robinson, E. 1997. The Eocene larger foraminifer Lepidocyclina ariana Cole and Ponton from the so-called Polylepidina gardnerae horizon, Little Stave Creek, Alabama. Journal of Paleontology, 71(1), 1-5.
  • Robinson, E. & Laughton, D.V. 1998a. Burlington and Jupiter landslides, Rio Grande valley: comparison with Millbank landslide as examples of processes producing natural dams.
  • Proceedings Second Caribbean Conference on Natural Hazards and Disasters,Kingston, Jamaica, 9-12 October 1996. Unit for Disaster Studies, UWI.,Publication No. 3, 56-61
  • Kohl, B. & Robinson, E. 1998b. Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Bowden Shell Bed, Jamaica. Contributions to Tertiary and Quaternary Research, 35, 29-46.
  • Droxler, A.W., Burke, K., Cunningham, A.D., Hine, A.C., Rosencrantz, E., Duncan, D.S., Hallock, P., & Robinson, E. 1998. Caribbean constraints on circulation between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans over the past 40 million years. In Crowley, T.J. & Burke, K. (eds.), Tectonic Boundary Conditions for Climate Reconstructions, Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics, Oxford University Press, 169-191.
  • Robinson, E. & Mitchell, S.F. 1999. Eocene to Oligocene stratigraphy in Jamaica, in Mitchell, S.F. (ed.), Middle Eocene to Oligocene Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography in Jamaica: a Window on the Nicaragua Rise. 4th Annual Meeting of IGCP393, July 12-18, Kingston, Jamaica, Contributions to Geology UWI Mona, 1-47.
  • Robinson, E. 2000. Comment on the Stratigraphic Occurrence of Pseudolepidina Barker & Grimsdale, Linderina Schlumberger and Caudriella Haman & Huddleston in Jamaica. Fifth Meeting of IGCP393 IUGS-UNESCO, Ferrara/Vicenza, Italy, July 21-25, 2000, In Trevisani, E. (ed.), Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Ferrara, 3, 26-29.
  • Mitchell, S., Khan, S., Maharaj, R. & Robinson, E. 2002. Carbonate beach sediment composition at a tourist beach, Negril, Jamaica. In O.T. Magoon, L.L. Robbins & L. Ewing, (eds.), Carbonate Beaches, 2000, American Society of Civil Engineers: 204-217.
  • Gunter, G.C., Robinson, E. & Mitchell, S.F. 2002. A new species of Omphalocyclus (Foraminiferida) from the Upper Cretaceous of Jamaica and its stratigraphical significance. Journal of Micropalaeontology 21 (2): 149-153.
  • Robinson, E. 2003. Upper Paleogene larger foraminiferal succession on a tropical carbonate bank, Caribbean region. – Chapter 17. In: D.R. Prothero, L.C. Ivany, & E.A. Nesbitt (eds.), From Greenhouse to Icehouse: The Marine Eocene-Oligocene Transition. Columbia University Press, New York: 294-302.
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