Facilities and Equipment Management

TMA ScreenshotFor more than twenty years, TMA Systems has created the most technologically advanced Maintenance Management Software available. The advance software solutions, superior professional services coupled with outstanding technical support are key reasons TMA is the worldwide  preferred Maintenance and Management solution.

The University had bought into the high standards of TMA  System in 2005 which drastically improved the maintenance functions. We are currently running  TMA Desktop Enterprise version 8.5 and  looking forward to the release of the latest version, 9.0 , which promises even more comprehensive support for the institution.

Some of the features of the current software suite are:

  • Work Request Logging
  • Work Estimates
  • Work Order Creation, Assignment and Processing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Large Faculties Projects
  • Warehouse Maintenaince
  • Reporting on Faculties
  • Key Management
  • Fleet Management