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B.A. (Spanish)

This programme requires 36 compulsory credits in Spanish distributed as follows:

LEVEL 1*                   (12 credits)
6 credits from: 
SPAN1001     (S11A)     Spanish Language 1A
SPAN1002    (S11B)    Spanish Language 1B

6 credits from:

SPAN1214    (S12N)    Hispanic Popular Culture (not offered 2016-2017)
SPAN1401    (S14A)    Spanish Peninsular Literature
SPAN1402    (S14B)    Spanish American Literature

*NOTE: Students who have lived for a year or more in a Spanish-speaking country may be exempted from the Level I Language courses upon passing the appropriate proficiency test administered by the department.

LEVEL 2         (12 credits)       
6 credits from:

SPAN2501    (S25A)     Spanish Language II A
SPAN2502    (S25B)     Spanish Language II B

6 credits from:

SPAN2302    (S23B)     20th Century Spanish American Narrative
SPAN2405    (S24N)    Spanish Peninsular Narrative and Film (not offered 2016-2017)
SPAN2705    (S27E)    Literature of the Spanish Caribbean
SPAN2503    (S20B)    Spanish to English Translation II

LEVEL 3                    (12 credits)       
SPAN3501    (S35A)    Spanish Language III A
SPAN3002    (S35B)    Spanish Language III B

AND 6 credits from the following (3 credits must be from a research-linked course): 

SPAN3702    (S37B)    Spanish American Women’s Narrative
SPAN3001    (S30A)    Spanish to English Translation III
SPAN3502    (S30B)    Business Spanish
SPAN3714    (S37N)    Latin American Cinema (Research-linked course)

These are MINIMUM requirements.  You may take more than two of these courses. SPAN3714 is the only research-linked course offered for 2016-2017).

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