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Minor in Japanese

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Minor in Japanese

The minor in Japanese equips students with communicative competence and cultural knowledge and sets them on a “less travelled path” that leads to exciting opportunities.

The Japanese classes are student-centered and highly interactive. The facilitators focus on developing practical language and intercultural communication skills of the students. Students are constantly engaged in activities which require them to speak, listen to, read, and write the language. Video and audio material are routinely used at all levels. As students develop language skills, they are able to experience various cultural traditions of Japan, as well as gain insights into the cutting-edge technology for which Japan is known. Students read articles on topics as varied as dying cultural traditions and robot caregivers for the elderly.

An annual Japanese Speech Contest, which is held with the support of Japanese Community in Jamaica, showcases the language skills of the more advanced students and serves as a motivating force for beginners.

Students pursuing the minor in Japanese are required to do six Japanese language courses and one Japanese history course:

Level 1
  • JAPA1001: Beginners’ Japanese I A
  • JAPA1002: Beginners’ Japanese I B
Level 2
  • JAPA2001: Japanese Language II A
  • JAPA2002: Japanese Language II B
  • HIST2408: Introduction to Modern Japan
Level 3
  • JAPA3001: Japanese Language III A
  • JAPA3002: Japanese Language III B

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