The One-UWI Graduate Student Conference announces outstanding Oral Presentations: Showcasing Interdisciplinary Excellence in Preparing for the New Global Era

The “One-UWI Postgraduate Student Conference" is thrilled to announce the outstanding Oral Presentations that captivated attendees during the recently concluded three-day online event hosted by the School for Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR).

This notable recognition celebrates the excellence demonstrated by the graduate students across diverse programmes and campuses, and contributed to the success of the conference, held from November 15-17, 2023 under the theme "Preparing for the New Global Era: Voices of Future Leaders."

After its careful consideration and evaluation by an esteemed panel of judges, the following presentations have been recognised as the best in their respective categories:




Abstract Title

Session 1:

Climate Resilience in Developing Countries

Danielle Evanson

FST, Cave Hill Campus

Policy and professional perspectives on Barbados’ sustainable transport transition 

Session 1:

Climate Resilience in Developing Countries

Tracy Marshall

FFA, St. Augustine Campus

An investigation into risk governance processes to encourage behaviour change to reduce disaster risk: A case study of Barbados 

Session 2:

Food Security for Reduction of Vulnerability

Jenna-Marie Thongs

FST, St. Augustine Campus

Arsenic in Poultry, a contributor to chronic diseases in Trinidad and Tobago.

Session 3:

Achieving Good Health for All

Angela Rankine-Mullings

FMS, Mona Campus

Stroke in the young: Understanding the role of arterial stiffness in children with sickle cell anaemia based on Transcranial Doppler velocity defined stroke categories.

Session 3:

Achieving Good Health For All

Gervonne Barran

FST, St. Augustine Campus

Nature-inspired therapeutic agents: antimicrobial peptides from frog skin secretions.

Session 4:

Nature as a Solution for Sustainable Development

Sian Ramdass

FST, St. Augustine Campus

Unlocking nature’s pharmacy: plant-based treatments for prostate cancer.

Session 5:

Digital Transformation for the 21st Century

Candia James

FSS, St. Augustine Campus

Network Diplomacy: A Social Network Analysis of Network Communication in Diplomatic Networks.

Session 6:

Governance and Labour Market Issues in Small States

Dena Spence

FSS, Mona Campus

Revisiting the Definition of Unemployment: An Application to Jamaica.

Session 7:

Social and Cultural Issues in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Marjorie Hylton

FHE, Mona Campus

Hear Our Children's Cries’: Unearthing the Narratives of Jamaican Parents of Autism.

Session 8:

Law and Order for Sustainable Development

Alexandra Tillett

FSS, Cave Hill Campus

Do perceptions matter? Corruption Perceptions and Confidence in Government: Evidence from Belize.

Session 9:

Contemporary Educational Issues: Diverse Perspectives

Alicia Hospedales

FST, St. Augustine Campus

Exploring the Criminological Construction and Measurement of Child Sexual Abuse: A Mixed Methods Study of School Professionals’ Knowledge, Beliefs and Responses.

Session 10:

Transforming Identities: Empowerment, Activism and Representation

Alicia Haynes

IGDS, Cave Hill Campus

Shifting Gender Landscapes: Social Media Platforms, Caribbean Feminism and Women’s Digital Practices in Caribbean Publics.

Session 10:

Transforming Identities: Empowerment, Activism and Representation

Alana Smith

FHE, St. Augustine Campus

HIV, the media, and you: A case study of HIV reporting in The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited.

These presentations stood out for their academic rigor, clarity of expression, and their contribution to advancing knowledge in the pivotal focus areas of this student conference. The winners demonstrated an exceptional ability to engage and inspire their audience, fostering valuable discussions and insights.

Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Studies and Research expressed gratitude to all presenters for their valuable contributions, emphasising the high calibre of research and ideas presented at the conference. "The quality of the oral presentations this year reflects the dedication and passion of our conference participants. We are proud to honour these exceptional presentations and acknowledge the impact of their research."  She continued, “The success of the conference is a testament to the collective efforts of The UWI’s postgraduate community in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering collaboration.”

The 13 prize-winners of the Postgraduate Student Conference will be awarded electronic gift vouchers. Additionally, three fortunate attendees who won giveaway prizes will also receive electronic gift vouchers.

For more information about the One-UWI Postgraduate Student Conference and the awarded presentations, please visit as well as social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and X) @sgsruwi.