Professor Paul Brown’s Lecture to Decode Hidden Threats Among Us

The UWI, Mona Campus

Professor Paul Brown, Head of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and Professor of Molecular Biology, will deliver his professorial lecture on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 5.30 pm/6.30 pm East Caribbean time.

Professor Brown, a renowned microbiologist, will explore the fascinating unseen world of microbes and their impact on our health and environment, He will draw on his extensive research experience,  which spans  genetics, history, culture, behavioural studies, economics, and the "one-health" approach, (recognising the interconnection between human, animal, and environmental health). His unique perspective will shed light on how these tiny organisms influence us in surprising ways.

The  lecture titled, “Genes and Shorts: Lepto and other stories, through molecular lenses,” will be held in the Sir Kenneth Standard Lecture Theatre, Faculty of Medical Science Teaching and Research Complex, UWI Mona.  During the lecture, Professor Brown will also highlight some challenges experienced as an Academic working in microbiology in the Caribbean, and interfacing with fellow scientists in first world countries.

Professor Brown holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry, a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Biochemistry, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Microbiology from The UWI. He is involved in several research projects spanning public health related infectious diseases and basic sciences. His contributions in infectious disease research have included molecular biology, effect of climate, risk analysis, and the role of molecular and socio-economic factors in infectious disease processes. In basic sciences, his publications have made notable reports in nitric oxide-mediated signal transduction in diabetes, and cadmium-induced hypertension and molecular dysfunction using animal models.

Professor Brown has two major international roles. First, he is currently on the Council on Microbial Sciences (COMS) of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), having previously served as Vice-Chair in 2017. ASM COMS is the strategy arm within the governance framework of ASM and is the key connection between ASM members and leaders. Second, he serves as an executive member of the African Initiative Group for Microbiology, whose mission is to positively influence the status of microbiology education, practice and research in Africa, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora. He also previously served as a Council Member, International Society for Infectious Diseases (2012-2020).