Mentor/Mentee List






1. Ms Jeanette Lyn

Universirtty of Technology

Socio-economic Factors Affecting the Outcomes of Nursing Students at the University of Technology, Jamaica

Mrs. Pauline Anderson Johnson

2. Dr. Simone Charles

Georgia Southern University

Faith and Activity Intervention to Transform Health: The FAITH Community Project

Prof Nancy Edwards/Eulalia Kahwa

3. Mrs Denise Walters

UWI, Mona


Dr. Jascinth Lindo

4. Mr Terry Campbell

University of Technology

The Effect of Motivational variables on Job Satisfaction and Performance of Employees at a Local Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica

Dr. Jascinth Lindo

5. Ms Melissa Walker

UWI, Mona

Student Cognitive Engagement in an Undergraduate Nursing Programme

Mrs. Dawn Dover Roberts

6. Mrs Sandra Morris

Excelsior Community College

Perception by Registered Nurses of the Relevance of the Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

Mrs. Pauline Anderson Johnson Mrs Andrea McPherson

7. Mrs Rema McKenzie

Knox Community College

Satisfaction of BScN Students with Teaching Methodology at Knox Community College

Mrs. Anderson Johnson

8. Mrs Lilieth Denton-Smith

Knox Community College

Factors the Influence Student Nurses’ Ability to Transfer Theory to Practice

Mrs. Dawn Dover Roberts

9. Mrs Donnette Wright-Mtrie

UWI, Mona

Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Clinical Outcomes in SCD clients

Prof Marvin Reid

10. Mrs. Cynthia Pitter

UWI, Mona

Gender-Based Violence in Pregnancy

Mr. Tania Rae

11. Mrs Jullet Buchanan

University Hospital of the West Indies

Patient satisfaction with nursing care in the emergency department of an urban hospital in Jamaica

Mrs. Dawkins

Dr. Jascinth Lindo

12. Mrs Nichola Merrick

University Hospital of the West Indies

Factors Influencing the pursuit for Midwifery Education in Jamaica

Dr. Hilda Ming

13. Mrs Verona Henry-Ferguson

UWI, Western Campus

How does the pregnancy outcomes for adolescents compare with adults delivered at the Cornwall Regional Hospital during the period January 2013 – December 2013?

Dr. Eulalia Kahwa

14. Mrs Donnahae Rhoden Salmon

UWI, Mona

Nursing Leadership in Post Independent Jamaica

Dr. Steve Weaver/Mrs. Pauline Dawkins

15. Ms Casey-Anne Gilling

Brown’s Town Community College

The Impact of a Professional learning Community on the Critical Thinking Skills of 3rd Year Nursing Student

Mrs. Shaulene Stanley

16. Mrs Shirlene Marshall-Davis

Spanish Town Hospital

Job Satisfaction and Absenteeism among Registered Nurse

Mrs. Joyette Aiken

17. Mr. Roy Thompson


Factors affecting compliance with medication among adults with asthma in Jamaica

Dr. Eulalia kahwa/Prof Edwards

18. Mrs. Ann Marie Edwards


Adherence of health care workers to the guidelines for the management of rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease in Jamaica

Dr. Eulalia Kahwa /Mrs. Cerese Hepburn Brown

19. Ms. Alicia Thomas

Portmore Community College

How is caring peceived by third year baccalaureate nursing students

Mr. Tania Rae

20. Ms. Rosain Stennett


An audit of nutritional interventions/ policies for the prevention and treatment of micronutrient deficiencies

Dr. Eulalia Kahwa

21. Ms. Janeil Brown


A Survey of Curriculum Practices in Baccalaureate Nursing Programmes in the CARICOM Region

Dr Kahwa

22. Ms. Joy Braham

Northern Caribbean University

Pain Management : attitudes towards palliative care

Mrs. Antoinette Barton-Gooden

23. Dr. Nyamekye Akua Nathalene Richards

University Health Centre

Pathways to psychiatric care in a University Health Clinic

Prof Nancy Edwards/Eulalia Kahwa