Nursing and Midwifery Research: Providing Evidence for People Centred Care        

The World Health Organization (WHO) People Centred Care Policy Framework emphasises health systems that meet the needs and expectations of people seeking health care.  In keeping with this goal,  member states of WHO have developed National Policies that promote people centred health care by ensuring that people have access to sustainable, responsive and effective health care systems. Within this framework, nurses and other health care workers are expected to provide high quality health care that is responsive to multidimensional needs of individuals, families and communities. Nurses, being primary health care givers at the frontline of healthcare systems are expected to ensure a holistic people centred approach to providing nursing care.


The objectives of the conference are to:


Expose nurses and midwives to research findings that would inform People Centred Care


Empower nurses and midwives to integrate principles of People Centred Care into nursing practice 

Provide a forum for engagement and networking among nursing and midwifery scholars to facilitate collaborative nursing and midwifery research.

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