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Course Code Title
ECNG1000 Electrical Circuits
PHYS0411 Introduction to Mechanics
PHYS0412 Introduction to Oscillations and Heat
PHYS0421 Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS0422 Introduction to Nuclear Physics and Optics
PHYS1411 Mechanics
PHYS1412 Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics
PHYS1421 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS1422 Modern Physics
ELNG1101 Physics for Engineers
ENGR1000 Introduction to Engineering
ELET1500 Electrical Circuit Analysis And Devices
MATH1185 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
ELET1405 Practices in Basic Electronics
ECNG1012 Engineering Science and Technology
ECNG1009 Introduction to Programming
PHYS2396 Computer Applications in Physics
ELET2405 Practices in Electronics Designs 1
ELET2415 Practices in Basic Electronics 2
ELET2460 Signals and Systems
ELET2470 Electric Circuit Analysis
ELET2480 Communication Systems
ELET2410 Analysis and Designs of Analog Circuits
ELET2530 Digital Electronics and Systems
ELET2450 Embedded Systems
ELET2420 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
PHYS2561 Fundamentals of Materials Science
PHYS2671 Fluid Dynamics
PHYS3351 Modern Physics 2
PHYS3386 Electromagnetism
PHYS3395 Astronomy and Cosmology
PHYS3399 Research Project (Non-Electronics)
ELET3460 Digital Signal and Image Processing
ELET3470 Wave Transmission and Fiber Optics
ELET3430 Instrumentation and Measurements
ELET3490 Electronics Research Project
ELET3440 Introduction to Robotics
PHYS3661 Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate
PHYS3671 Solar Power
PHYS3681 Wind and Hydro Power
ELET3611 Integrating Alternative Energy
PHYS3341 Biomedical Optics and Biomechanics
PHYS3389 Medical Radiation Physics and Imaging
ELET3480 Wireless Communication Systems
ELNG3030 Power Electronics and Protection Circuits
ELNG3040 Industrial Automation
ELNG3060 Power Plant Instrumentation
ELNG3050 Wireless Broadband Networks
ELET3405 Practical Analysis of Advanced Electronic Circuits and Systems
PHYS2296 Physics of the Human Body
PHYS2200 Practices in Medical Physics 1
PHYS2386 Electromagnetism and Optics
PHYS2351 Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2300 General Physics Lab 1
PHYS2600 Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Physics Laboratory
PHYS2500 Materials Science Laboratory 1
ELET3600 Energy Systems Laboratory
PHYS3500 Advanced Materials Science Laboratory
PHYS3562 The Physics of Non-Crystalline and Amorphous Materials
PHYS3565 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
PHYS3300 Advanced Practices in Medical Physics
ELET3450 Satellite Communication and Navigational Systems
PHYS3400 Physics in Practice Internship
PHYS3701 Advanced Renewable Energy Technology and Solutions
ECSE1102 Engineering Circuit Analysis and Devices
ELET2210 Speech Processing
ELET3211 Speech and Language Technology
ELET2570 Microprocessors and Computer Architecture
PHYS2000 Fundamentals of Energy Statistics
PHYS2701 Essentials of Renewable Energy Technologies and Solutions
PHYS3000 Energy Information Management
PHYS3200 General Physics Lab 2
RNEM6050 Bioenergy 1
RNEM6055 Solar Energy Conversion
RNEM6060 Renewable Energy Research Project
RNEM6045 Wind Energy 1
RNEM6025 Shaping Sustainable Energy Systems
RNEM6020 Energy Use and Energy Auditing
RNEM6010 Energy Economics
RENT6014 Bioenergy II
RENT6013 Wind Energy 2
RENT6012 Advanced Solar Energy
RENT6011 Energy Storage
RENT6010 Geothermal Energy
RENT6009 Hydro and Marine Power
RENT6008 Electrical Integration of Renewables
MDPH6330 Seminar Series
RNEM6040 Physics for Renewable Energy
RNEM6035 Applied Informatics in Energy Planning
RNEM6030 Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) and Public Policy for Renewable Energy
RNEM6015 Energy Sources and Clean-Energy Systems
ENVR6403 Environmental Impact Assessment
MDPH6240 Non-Ionization Radiation: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6230 Nuclear Medicine: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6220 Radiation Therapy: Physics and Equipment
MDPH6210 Diagnostic Radiology: Physics and Equipment
MDPH6160 Radiation Biology and Protection
MDPH6150 Biomedical Statistics and Informatics
MDPH6140 Basic Medical Electronics and Instrumentation
MDPH6130 Fundamentals of Radiation Physics and Dosimetry
MDPH6120 Physics of the Human Body
MDPH6110 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists
MDPH6580 Clinical Environment and Optimization in Nuclear Diagnostics
MDPH6565 Radionuclide Therapy using Unsealed Sources
MDPH6560 Preparation and Quality Control of Radiopharmaceuticals
MDPH6555 Performance Testing of Nuclear Medicine Equipment
MDPH6550 Radioactivity Measurement and Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine
MDPH6545 Technology Management in Nuclear Medicine
MDPH6540 Radiation Safety and Protection in Nuclear Medicine
MDPH6535 Patient Dose Audits in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MDPH6530 Image Quality Assessment in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MDPH6525 Technology Management in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MPDH6520 Performance Testing of Imaging Equipment in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MDPH6515 Dosimetry, Instrumentation and Calibration in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MDPH6510 Radiation Safety and Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
MDPH6290 Professional Ethics
MDPH6480 Clinical Environment and Optimization in Radiotherapy
MDPH6470 Equipment Specification and Acquisition in Radiotherapy
MDPH6460 Brachytherapy
MDPH6450 External Beam Radiotherapy
MDPH6440 Quality Managment in Radiotherapy
MDPH6430 Radiation Dosimetry for External Beam Therapy
MDPH6420 Imaging Equipment in Radiotherapy
MDPH6410 Radiation Safety and Protection in Radiotherapy
MDPH6280 Radiation Safety and Protection
MDPH6270 Radiation Therapy 2: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6260 Radiation Therapy 1: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6190 Radiation Biology
MDPH6180 Biomedical Statistics
MDPH6170 Information Technology and Equipment in Radiation Medicine
MDPH6135 Fundamentals of Clinical Radiation Physics and Dosimetry
MDPH6115 Anatomy and Physiology for Clinical Medical Physicists
MDPH6215 Diagnostic Radiology Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6230 Nuclear Medicine: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6240 Non-Ionization Radiation: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6610 Medical Physics Clinical Research Project
MDPH6620 Seminar
PHYS3561 The Physics of Crystalline Materials
PHYS2800 Electric Mobility - Fundamentals of EV Technologies
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