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The department of Physics proudly offers multiple ways to read for a BSc. degree in Physics, all of which provides a deep understanding of both classical and modern physics. Our General degree programme with 5 majors and minors to choose from, and six special programmes. The difference between the general degree and the special programmes is that in the general programme, students will have more space for electives or to do a double major or a major and a minor. Whereas in the special programmes, all courses are laid out and in a structure that enables a guaranteed degree on completion. No credit checks required!

Welcome current Undergraduate Students

The department also offers 2 free electives for all UWI students. These have no pre-requisites and are themselves the pre-requisite for 2 advanced courses. These four courses are a part of our Renewable Energy Management minor, which is open to all UWI students. There are also several other minors available that students from any faculty can pursue.

The duration of the undergraduate degree is 3 years.

Undergraduate students also get the opportunity to carry out research-based activities through certain courses and also during the summer.

Current students needing information can find it below:


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