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Microprocessors and Computer Architecture

Semester 2
  1. Review of Digital Design and VHDL: Combinational Logic; Structural Modeling; Sequential Logic; Finite State Machines.
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): Arithmetic Circuits; ALU; Number Systems.
  3. Microprocessor I: Instruction Data Set. Machine Language Assembly Language; Machine Language; Programming; Addressing Modes.
  4. Microprocessor II: Control and Datapath Design, Single-Cycle Processor Performance Analysis; Single-Cycle Processor.
  5. Microprocessor III: Control and Datapath Design. Multi-Cycle Processor Performance Analysis; Multicycle Processor; Pipelined Processor
  6. Memory Systems and I/O: Memory System; Caches; Virtual Memory; Memory-Mapped I/O; Memory Map; I/O Devices Buses and Organization
  7. Interrupts: A Taxonomy of Interrupts; Hardware and Software Interrupts
  8. Comparison of Legacy and Modern Architectures
  9. Introduction to Microprogramming
  • Final Written Examination (2 hours)       50%
  • Course Work:     50%
    • 1 In-course Test       15%
    • Assignments   25%
    • Project/Paper   10%
PHYS1421 - Electricity and Magnetism, ELET1405 - Practices in Basic Electronics AND CAPE Mathematics (or equivalent).
Course Code: 
3 Credits
Level 2
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