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Radiation Therapy: Physics and Equipment

Semester 1

The aim of the module is to present the physical rationale for the clinical radiotherapy, the main features and characteristics of the radiotherapy equipment and to provide dosimetric methods and physical procedures of quality assurance.


• External Electron and photon beam radiation therapy.
• Brachytherapy.
• Treatment planning.
• Clinical Electron and photon beams: Dose modeling and treatment planning.
• Patient data acquisition.
• Radiation therapy devices.
• Quality control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA). Phantoms.

  • Coursework: 50%
    • Three in-course tests (3 x 1 hour) 30%
    • Lab/Practical 20%
  • Final Exam: 50%
    • One 2 hour written paper 50%
Learning Objectives: 

Students should be able to recall, discuss, formulate, design, and perform relevant calculations related to:
1. External high-energy photon and electron beams – characterization, related fundamental dosimetric quantities, methods of delivering dose, resultant dose distributions in tumours and normal tissue.
2. Brachytherapy (short distance treatment radiotherapy) – physical characteristics, dose distribution, clinical methodology at interstitial, intracavitary, surface application.
3. Neutrons, Protons, and Light Ions.
4. Treatment Planning processes in the regions of clinical interest, dose prescription criteria, dose modelling, and dose distribution.
5. Methods of calculation the dose.
6. The physical design, maintenance, and quality assurance (QA) procedures.

Level 1
Course Code: 
6 Credits
Level 2
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