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Technology Management in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Semester 1

This Clinical Training course is designed to increase the capacity of the student to effectively manage the technology found in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Students will be actively involved in the quality management and maintenance of radiology equipment. Adequate management of the technology found within a radiology department is critical to the optimization of the services provided. The physicist is typically responsible for the quality assurance of the equipment.

  • Quality management of systems in radiology
  • Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of radiology equipment
  • Routine testing and Quality control of radiology equipment
  • Imaging informatics
  • One Written Report 40%
  • Clinical Evaluations 60%
Learning Objectives: 

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
1. Discuss principal requirements and elements for a quality management system in diagnostic radiology.
2. Implement the management of all diagnostic imaging equipment.
3. Implement acceptance and commission of diagnostic imaging equipment.
4. Implement management of all the aspects of a routine radiological quality control programme.
5. Implement basic imaging informatics in digital imaging environments.

Course Code: 
1 Credits
Level 2
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