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Modern Physics 2

Semester 2

This course aims to present

a) Simple Harmonic Oscillation in 1-dimension, plus 3-dimensional problems and approximate methods in Quantum Mechanics (QM).

b) The development of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity and its applications


Quantum Mechanics

  • Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  • Hydrogen-like Atom
  • Quantum Numbers
  • Non-degenerate Pertubation Theory
  • Varioational Principle


  • Lorentz Transformation Equations
  • Simultaneity
  • Time Dilation
  • Length Contraction
  • Velocity Addition
  • Minkowski's Spacetime Diagrams
  • Spacetime Interval
  • Twin Paradox
  • Four Vector Formalism
  • Doppler Effect
  • Relativistic Mass
  • Momentum and Kinetic Energy
  • Relativistic Collisions

One 2-hour theory examination paper              70%  

2 Pre-announced Tests                                       10%

6 Tutorials                                                           6%

4 Surprise Quizzes                                             4% 

Labs/Projects + Lab Test                                   10%

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of this course it is hoped that the student would have a good understanding and appreciation of the theory, and hence the ability to apply it in solving simple problems in Quantum Mechanics (QM) and Relativity



  1. "Concepts of Modern Physics" by A. Beiser. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 6th (March 8, 2002) [RBC QC173 B413 (3 copies of 3rd edition and 3 copies of 2nd edition)]
  2. "Modern Physics" by R.A. Serway, C.J. Moses and C.A. Moyer. Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Co.  3rd Edn. [RBC QC 21.2 S384]

Other References

  1. "Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics" by E.E Anderson. Publisher: Saunders College Pub; First Edition  [RBC QC174.1 A527 (3 copies)]
  2. "Special Relativity" by A.P. French. Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (August 17, 1968) [RBC QC173.65 F73 (3 copies)]
  3. "Understanding Quantum Physics" by M.A. Morrison. Publisher: Prentice-Hall Inc.; 1 edition (May 14, 1990) [RBC QC174.12 M69 (4 copies)]
  4. "Modern Physics" by H. Ohanian. Publisher: Benjamin Cummings; 2 edition (February 6, 1995) [RBC QC21.2 O36 (4 copies)]
  5. "Basic Concepts in Relativity: A User's Manual" by R. Resnick and D. Halliday. Publisher: Prentice Hall College Div (March 1992) [RBC QC6 R3877 (4 copies of 2nd edition)]  Shelf has 1st edition QC6 R3877
Course Code: 
3 Credits
Level 3
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