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Research Project (Non-Electronics)

Semester 1 and 2

Students will consult staff members with whom they wish to work about possible topics.

If pre-requisites are met and permission granted, the staff member will be assigned to supervise the student. 

Staff member will assign reading list and meet weekly with the student.  Staff members may assign research tasks to teach particular skills.

Written report and oral presentation as a seminar on the approved topic are required at end of course.


Course Work (Assignments)                               30%  

Oral Presentation                                              10%  

Written report                                                   60%    

Students must qualify (i) for one of the Physics Majors offered by the department; (ii) get permission from the Head of the Department, and (iii) satisfy any additional criteria deemed necessary by the department.
Course Code: 
4 Credits
Level 3
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