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Energy Use and Energy Auditing

Semester 2

This course will enable students to assess the energy efficiency of small and medium premises, carry out energy audits and propose appropriate energy saving measures.


1. Energy Efficiency
2. Demand Side Management
3. Lighting
4. Ventilation and Air Conditioning
5. Practical Exercise: Energy Audit in a small building

  • Coursework: 100 %
    • Individual contribution 60%
    • Team report 40%
Learning Objectives: 

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Discuss the trends in energy usage in the Caribbean and
2. Illustrate the relevance of energy efficiency as a resource in sustainable energy systems
3. Appropriately choose between different energy efficient technologies for small and medium scale residential and commercial premises
4. Access and critically assess information on energy efficiency through internet, literature and personal contacts
5. Apply fundamental energy auditing methodologies
6. Assess the energy efficiency of small and medium-sized premises
7. Conduct basic energy audits
8. Propose appropriate energy-saving measures
9. Write and present an energy audit report

Course Code: 
3 Credits
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