Name Position
Professor Minerva Thame Director, Graduate Studies and Research
Mrs. Sandra Powell-Mangaroo Assistant Registrar
Miss Georgia Bennett Senior Administrative Assistant
Miss Sheena Woodburn Assistant to Campus Coordinator
Miss Melissa Wallace Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Jennifer Squire-Davidson Faculty Representative, Mona School of Business
Miss Nardalee Powis Faculty Representative, Humanities
Mrs. Dorcia Watson Faculty Representative, Science and Technology
Miss Yvonne Myrie Assistant to Assistant Registrar/Faculty Representative, DM Programmes/ Research and Publication, Graduate Awards
Mrs. Rachael Lynch-Martin Faculty Representative, Education
Miss Nathanee Martin Faculty Representative, Social Sciences
Miss Tracey-Ann Fraser Faculty Representative, Medical Sciences
Mr. Tarek Simpson Customer Service Officer
Miss Davinia Williams Information System Management/ Faculty Representative Research Institutes
Miss Mindy-Ann McCalla Records and Document Management (Temp)
Miss Eureka Simpson Records and Document Management
Mrs. Angela Walters Office Attendant