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Supporting Documents for Application

Prescribed Referee Report forms

  1. Statement of Purpose/Intent

Applicants are being asked to note the following programmes and the supporting documents required to submit application packages:

Supporting Documents Required
All - Two (2) Academic Referees’ reports

- Transcript (Non-UWI graduates)

- Birth Certificate (Non-UWI graduates)

- Marriage Certificate (if relevant and if not already submitted to UWI)

- Resume

In addition to the above forms, the following are required for applicants to the programmes below:-

Supporting Documents Required
Doctor of Medicine (DM) Two (2) Referees’ reports specific to Medical Sciences
Msc Applied Psychology Statement of Intent
Msc Clinical Psychology Statement of Intent
Master of Public Health(MPH) Statement of Intent
Master of Social Work (MSW) Statement of intent
MSc Nursing Portfolio
MSc Sports Medicine License to Practice
MSc Physiotherapy License to Practice
All MPhil/PHD Research Proposal


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