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The Campus Legal Office

Strategic Objective

The Campus Legal Office is charged with providing legal services in the broad fields of criminal, administrative, contract, and commercial law as well as dealing with the general legal requirements of The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in both its corporate and specific Campus setting. 

The Campus Legal Office is also responsible for identifying and managing the University’s legal risk through the provision of independent, sound and practical legal advice and services that support the University’s educational, research, commercial, and administrative functions.


The Campus Legal Office is committed to providing timely, high-quality, proactive, pragmatic, and comprehensive legal services to the administrative departments and faculties of the Mona Campus.

We understand the diverse nature of the University’s operations and its competing obligations and responsibilities and will therefore ensure that the management, academic, and senior administrative staff of the Campus are sufficiently well-advised and informed of legal issues and requirements in order to maximize the quality of decision-making within the University.

Overview of Functions

The Campus Legal Office provides a wide range of corporate legal services to the faculties and administrative offices of the Campus through its various Officers and Units, namely: the Campus Legal Officer, the Contracts Officer, and the Companies Secretariat.

These Officers and Units provide advice on a range of legal issues such as:

  • Administrative law matters including procedures for handling complaints and disciplinary proceedings;
  • Contractual matters, including drafting terms and conditions, advising on interpretation and dealing with contractual disputes;
  • Intellectual property matters;
  • Criminal matters;
  • Compliance issues, including provisions to the Charter that bind the University and interpreting their application in practice and ensuring that the annual returns and notification to the Registrar of the Companies are submitted on a yearly basis and are up-to-date;
  • Drafting regulations, rules and by-laws;
  • Providing related strategic advice on business and policy issues and other matters affecting major projects;
  • Liaising with the University’s external attorneys on behalf of the Mona campus.
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