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The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit

About Us

A Public Private Partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a government/university service or private business venture that is funded and operated through a partnership of government (or university) and one or more private sector companies. P3s provide the benefit of funding projects which may not otherwise be financed from government or university sources.

Established October 2018, The UWI Mona Public Private Partnership Management Unit (The PPP Unit) of the Office of the Principal is responsible for the procurement and management of P3 agreements on behalf of the Campus. The Unit through its functions coordinate or execute Campus activities to honour conditions under P3 agreements. The Unit also performs the important task of maintaining good working relationships between the Campus and its partners in order to facilitate negotiations and troubleshooting activities to resolve conflicts which may arise throughout the life of contracts.

In the Mona Campus’ efforts to become a more sustainable and competitive institution while improving the quality of its services offered to students, three major P3 agreements were formed, namely with;

  • 138 Student Living Limited - to provide an upgraded student housing stock.
  • North Star Development Jamaica (Water) Limited - to provide a more reliable water source at a reduced cost.
  • GK Capital Investments and partners - to provide a more environmentally friendly source of Power at a reduced cost.

Major P3 Projects at Mona

Student Housing

This was the first P3 initiative pursued by the Mona Campus and was aimed at improving the University’s on-Campus student housing stock. The projects practical completion was achieved through a partnership between the Campus and 138 Student Living Limited (138 SL). 138 SL operates three of eleven Halls of residence at Mona, providing an additional 1464 rooms for our students. The halls managed and operated by 138 SL are:

  • Irvine Hall
  • Leslie Robinson & Gerald Lalor Hall
  • George Alleyne Hall

Water Supply

The second P3 agreement managed by the Unit was formed between the Campus and North Star Development Jamaica (Water) Limited to improve the Campus’ water security and to reduce the charges associated with the utility. The Campus has realised benefits through this partnership and expects them to increase with the completion of the Water Supply Development project’s next phase.

Power Supply

The establishment of this project was made possible through a partnership between the Campus and GK Capital Investments. The agreement provides the Campus with resources to complete the construction of its Cogeneration Plant to establish an alternate more environmentally friendly source of electricity at a reduced cost. The project is scheduled for a 2019 completion date.

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