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The Office of Planning and Institutional Research

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research (OPAIR) is to collect, analyse, evaluate and disseminate information in support of the Campus’ strategic planning activities, policy formulation, decision-making, assessment, and compliance reporting.

Activities of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research

The Office aims to fulfil its mandate through performance of the following key activities:

  1. Providing information for Campus decision-making that is timely and useful by establishing data standards and systems of reporting; researching current topics of interest in higher education in anticipation of the Campus’s information needs; and, coordinating research efforts on relevant student enrolment trends.
  2. Coordinating the Campus’ official reporting to the UWI Administration and external agencies by working with other administrative and academic units at the Mona Campus, as well as with the Cave Hill and St. Augustine Campuses to provide accurate and timely responses to requests for information.
  3. Conducting routine and special projects in support of various Campus objectives. These include student retention, graduation and persistence analyses; projects in support of the Campus’s strategic direction; administering surveys that will inform programming, academic planning and benchmarking; providing research and statistical assistance to departments/units/committees in support of their scholarly efforts; and, managing committees involved in activities related to the planning process.
  4. Developing and disseminating information in support of departmental/unit and Campus level planning and improvement.
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