Occupation & Environmental Safety & Health (BSc.)

Programme Overview

Programme Objectives

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into the Bachelor's programme, candidates must have satisfied the general Faculty entry requirements and have passed two units of Chemistry, Biology or Physics at CAPE (or equivalent). 

Programme Structure

The programme runs for three (3) years full-time and is divided into two (2) levels. Level I consists of seven (7) courses which must be completed in year one, while Level II consists of twenty (2) courses plus a practicum, which are completed in years 2 and 3. Most year three courses focus on professional development in OESH. The part-time option runs over six (6) years. 

The BSc. OESH Programme requires 122 credits.

Course Outline

Year 1   (39 Credits)

Semester I

SH10J/OESH1000    Introduction to OESH (6 credits)
BIOL1017 Cells Biology and Genetics (3 credits)
BIOL1018 Molecular Biology (3 credits)
Introduction to Chemistry A  (6 credits)
Semester 2

CHEM1902  Introduction to Chemistry B  (6 credits)
BIOL1262  Living Organisms I  (3 credits)
BIOL1263  Living Organisms II  (3 credits)
GEOG1201  Introduction to Physical Geography  (6 credits)
This period may be used to do any make-up courses  
 Year 2     
Semester 1  

CHEM2001 Chemical Analysis I  (4 credits) 

OESH2000 Environmental Contaminants and Control  (8 credits)
MC29Z Organizational Communication (Dept. of Media and Communication)  (3 credits)
BIOL2014 Ecology (Level II)  (4 credits)
Semester 2 
CHEM3001 Chemical Analysis II 
 (4 credits)

PM35B  Toxicology (Department of Basic Medical ces)  (4 credits)
MICR2252  Eukaryotic Microorganisms  (4 credits)
Foundation Course   (3 credits)

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
 (3 credits)
Understanding Research    
 (3 credits)
Year 3    
 Semester 1
Occupational Safety Assessment and Measurement  (4 credits)
SH31J/OESH3100 Environment Hazard Assessment and Risk Management and Control  (4 credits)
SH32M/OESH3220 Occupational Hygiene  (4 credits)
M32F Labour and Employment (and Environment) Laws  (3 credits)


Semester 2
Occupational and Environmental Health Disorders (4 credits) 
SH30M/OESH3040 Disaster and Emergency Management 
(4 credits)
SH32K/OESH3210 Ergonomics  (4 credits)
Foundation Course  (3 credits)

Practicum  (4 credits)    


Careers after Graduation

Graduates of this programme will form a core of professionals who will be competent in: 

  • The recognition, evaluation and provision of basic control options for workplace hazards;
  • The development, implementation and management of basic OESH programmes;
  • The provision of OESH training;
  • Assisting in the provision of OESH consultancy services.