Anthropology (BSc)

Programme Overview

Social Anthropology is the holistic study of culture. The BSc in Social Anthropology prepares students to engage with cultural difference, both here and abroad, by looking at various aspects of human life. The holistic nature of Social Anthropology means that the BSc is structured to allow interdisciplinary learning: students are encouraged to take classes from other Faculties as part of their Major. Social Anthropology teaches students to appreciate diversity, understand their and other cultures, and use the philosophy and research techniques of anthropology to help others. Students learn how in-depth knowledge of a people can be used to solve problems of concern to them and to wider society, and to do so without harming them or their way of life. The BSc produces a student with empathy who has research skills and abilities that appeal to a variety of potential employers. A Minor is also available in Social Anthropology.

Programme Objectives

Admission Requirements

Programme Structure

Careers after Graduation