Digital Media Production (BA)

Programme Overview

This programme develops the skill of communicating creatively. Using digital tools and design principles, students are be encouraged to solve design and communication problems. 

The content of the programme is influenced by the growing importance of digital technologies. The technological platforms used in the delivery of the programme are regularly updated to ensure that students are working with up-to-date tools.

Programme Objectives

The purpose of the BA in Digital Media Production is to meet an increasing demand in the media and communication services for specific and focused skills. 


Admission Requirements

Programme Structure

Level 1 courses

MDIA1001 Web Page Layout and Design with CSS

MDIA1002 Digital Illustration Fundamentals

MDIA1003 Digital Photography and Image Manipulation

MDIA1004 Elements of Style for Design and Presentation

MDIA1006 Drawing Fundamentals

Level 2 courses

MDIA2002 Writing and Report Design for Designers

MDIA2003 Introduction to Video Production

MDIA2004 Advanced Web Layout and Design with CSS

MDIA2005 Communication Through Typography and Layout

MDIA2006 Web Animation Fundamentals

Level 3 courses

MDIA3001 Online Marketing Strategies

MDIA3002 Motion Graphics and Time-based Media

MDIA3003 Usability and the Online User Experiene

MDIA3004 New Media Portfolio Presentation

MDIA3005 Web Management

Careers after Graduation