Mathematics with Education (BSc)

Programme Overview

Programme Objectives

Admission Requirements

Programme Structure

Part I
Twenty-four (24) credits from two subject areas in the Faculty of Science and Technology divided equally between the two so as to provide the prerequisite for Part II courses. One of the subject areas must be Mathematics (required courses are M10A/MATH1140 and M10B/MATH1150). Foundations of Education courses (see A below) may also be taken with Part I courses from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

Part II
Thirty-two (32) credits from Part II Mathematics courses, including:M20A/MATH2100, M20B/MATH2110, M21B/MATH21260 or MATH2300, and  M21Q/MATH2125
Two courses from Level 3, and two other courses from Levels 2 or 3

Thirty-three (33) credits from Part II Education courses, including Twenty four (24) credits from the Education core courses listed below (see Section B: Specializations)
ED30T/EDTL320     Preparing for the Field     (3 credits) Sem.1
ED30U/EDTL3021     In the Field              (3 credits) Sem.1
ED30S/EDRS3019    The Report            (3 credits) Sem.2



A.     FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION (may be taken in Part I)
    ED20C/EDPS2003     Motivation and the Teacher (3 credits) Sem.1
    ED20M/EDCU2013     Introduction to Curriculum Studies (3 credits) Sem.1
    ED30D/EDCE3004     Educational Technology (3 credits) Sem.1

1.     Theoretical Aspects (Science)

    ED20F/EDME2006    Classroom Testing and Evaluation (3 credits) Sem.1
    ED24C/EDSC2403    Nature of Science and Scientific Enquiry (3 credits) Sem.1
    ED24G/EDSC2407    Teaching Methodologies in Science (3 credits) Sem.1
    ED24F/EDSC2406    Psychology & Sociology of Science Teaching & Learning (3 credits) Sem.1    

2.     Theoretical Aspects (Mathematics)

 ED32H/EDMA3208    The History and Development of Mathematics Ideas (3 credits) Sem.2
 ED22F/EDMA2206     The Nature and Scope of Mathematics in Secondary School and Beyond (3 credits) Sem.2
 ED32C/EDMA3203     Analysis and Teaching of Mathematics (3 credits) Sem.2
 ED32E/EDMA3205     CXC (General) Mathematics:  (3 credits) Sem.2 Specialist Topics  

Careers after Graduation