Social Work (MSW)

Programme Overview

The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a 36 credit programme. The curriculum is designed to strengthen the focus of Social Work as a professional activity operating within a broad policy framework and which requires firm theoretical grounding for enhancing students’ understanding for practice interventions.

Programme Objectives

The goal of the Master of Social Work Programme is to train persons who will either provide leadership as administrators and managers of social service agencies, or serve as specialist practitioners in selected fields of social work and/or train and direct a wider body of agency personnel in those fields – all within a clear policy framework guided by professional, theoretical and ethical practices. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants must:

Hold an undergraduate degree in Social Work or another degree with a Diploma in Social Work (with at least a 3.0 GPA) from an approved University;
Have a minimum of 2 years post baccalaureate work experience in a social work or related human service setting. Applications from persons without the required experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The programme admits both full-time and part-time students. The programmes offered depend on Areas of Specialization chosen by applicants.

Applicants should ensure that they fulfill the entry requirements; complete all requirements for application online;
submit a detailed résumé, including positions held, and volunteer work; include a 300-word statement of career goals and research interest are available for attending an interview upon request

Programme Structure

The MSW is a three-semester (full-time) or five-semester (part-time) programme, including summer practicum placements. 

The programme comprises four (4) major components - core courses, specialization courses, praticum and research.




 There are three (3) foundational core courses common to all Fields of Specialization.


Applicants may choose to apply for one of the following Fields of Specialization:

Administration and Management of Human Services;
Clinical Social Work Practice;
Community Organization and Policy Practice.


Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice

Students will be required to choose four (4) courses from among the three areas of specialization and must satisfactorily complete at least two (2) or three (3) courses in a single field in order for a Field of Specialization to be recorded when the degree is awarded.

Students who choose to do the Advanced Generalist Social Work degree may select courses across all three Fields of Specialization.



A Minor Practicum (160 hours) and 
a Major Practicum (320 hours)

The practica may be arranged outside of Jamaica at the students' expense. Currently, there is the Caribbean Internship Project (CIP) which provides placement opportunities (2 – 3 months) within the Caribbean which covers most major expenses for students.



An Advanced Research Methods course and
A Social Work Research Report.

Applicants should have completed an undergraduate level introductory course in Qualitative Research as this will be a required prerequisite for the Advanced Qualitative Research Methods course in the graduate programme.

Applicants who have a strong interest and ability in conducting research which will require quantitative skills should also have completed an undergraduate level introductory course in Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences as this will be a required prerequisite for the Advanced Social Research Methods I course in the graduate programme. All coursework and practica should be complete before registering for the research report.

Careers after Graduation