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Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt (BSc.)

Programme Overview

This programme will provide students with a well-rounded experience. The internship and language requirement will provide students with a unique international experience as well as a competitive advantage when seeking employment in the industry.

Programme Objectives

Provide students with an understanding of business management principles and how tourism businesses operate.

-Expose students to knowledge in specific tourism areas such as the tourism system, planning and policy.

-Expose students to knowledge of the interplay between functional units of an organization such as accounting, human resources and marketing.

-Provide students with the ability to critically analyyze the space that tourism occupies in economic and social development.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the requirements in (a) or (b) or (c) below:
(a) Five (5) CXC/CSEC (General Proficiency Grades I-III from June 1998) or GCE/ BGCSE O’Level (Grades A-C) with compulsory subjects: Mathematics and English Language and two (2) CAPE subjects (Units 1 and 2) or GCE/BGCSE A’Level passes in a minimum of two (2) subjects; or
(b) An Associate degree, Diploma and/or Certificate from other approved tertiary institutions having attained a B+ average or a minimum GPA of 2.5; or
14(c) High School Grade 12 transcript with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum SATI score of 1700 plus a minimum of two (2) SAT II subjects at a score of 500 or above or successful completion of Advanced Placement Courses or the International Baccalaureate programme.


Programme Structure

Level 1

-HOSP1000- Intro to Tourism & Hospitality Mgmt

-ECON1000- Principles of Economics 1

-ECON1005- Introductory Statistics

-MGMT1002- Communication Skills for Managers

-ACCT1003- Intro to Cost & Mgmt Accounting

-FOUN1013- Critical Reading & Writing in the Social Sciences

-FOUN1101- Caribbean Civilization 

-FOUN1201- Science, Medicine & Technology in Society

-MGMT1424- Internship (8 weeks)

*Plus 2 level 1 Free Electives

Note: Students pursuing a Tourism Mgmt Major must take an appropriate Level 1 foreign language course.


Level 2 & 3

-HOSP3106- Entertainment Mgmt

-MGMT2003- Principles of Marketing 

-MGMT2224- Introduction to Entrepreneurship

-TOUR3000- Tourism Mgmt

-TOUR3106- Caribbean Tourism: Planning Policies & Issues

-MGMT2124- Internship (10 weeks-at the end of Level 2)

-HOTL3001- Meetings & Convention Mgmt

-TOUR3105- Caribbean Tourism: Sustainable Development

-TOUR2100- Transportation & Travel

-Any foreign language course

Choose 1 from the following 4:

- ACCT2019- Accounting for Managers

-MGMT3017- Human Resource Mgmt

-TOUR3103- Destination Mgmt

- TOUR3110- Ecotourism

*Plus 10 Level 2/3 Free Electives

MGMT3124- Internship (10 weeks-at the end of Level 3)

**Internships are done during the summer months. Students who refuse to attend any organization where placed will be required to withdraw from the programme. If students fail to submit the requested documents on time, they will be required to seek internship without the assistance of the Coordinator. 


Careers after Graduation

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