Accounting (BSc)

Programme Overview

This specialized programme is designed to build competencies in accounting theory and practice. Accounting is a key component for any successful organization.

Thus, the MSBM programme is designed to prepare learners for careers in accounting and related fields. It seeks to develop and enhance the theoretical and practical accounting skills of junior and middle-level accounting personnel in both the public and private sectors and provides them with an understanding of the economic, managerial, and organizational contexts within which strategic decision-making takes place.

Programme Objectives

The curriculum aims to develop the following competencies:

-Understanding the principles of organization and management in business operations;

-Ability to practice accounting, including income tax;

-Knowledge in specific elements of business law, economics, and information systems;

-Knowledge of human relations as they apply to successful business operations in a rapidly expanding economy; and

-Understanding and skill in effective communication for business.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the minimum requirements for the three (3) year degree programme as stated in (a) and either (b) or (c) or (d) below.

(a) CXC/CSEC or GCE O’Level passes in a minimum of five (5) subjects. Compulsory subject requirements are Mathematics and English Language. Grade requirements for CXC/CSEC are General Proficiency, Grades I or II pre-1998 and Grades I, II, or III from June 1998 
And at least one of the following:
(b) CAPE or GCE A’Level passes in a minimum of two (2) subjects. CAPE subjects must consist of both Unit 1 and Unit 2
(c) An Associate degree, Diploma and/or Certificate from other approved tertiary institutions having attained a B+ average or a minimum GPA of 2.5
(d) High School Grade 12 transcript with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum SATI
score of 1700 plus a minimum of two (2) SAT II subjects at a score of 500 or
above or successful completion of Advanced Placement Courses or the
International Baccalaureate programme. 

Programme Structure

Level I (Minimum 30 credits)
1. ACCT1003-Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
2. ACCT1005-Introduction to Financial Accounting
3. ECON1000-Principles of Economics I
4. FOUN1013-Critical Reading and Writing in the Social Sciences or FOUN1019
5. FOUN1101-Caribbean Civilization
6. FOUN1201-Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
7. ECON1005-Introduction to Statistics
8. MGMT1002-Communication Skills for Managers
9-10. Plus 2 Level I Free Electives 

Level II & Level III* (Minimum 60 credits)
11. MGMT2004-Computer Applications
12. ACCT2014-Financial Accounting I
13. ACCT2015-Financial Accounting II
14. ACCT2017-Management Accounting I
15. MGMT2023-Financial Management I
16. ACCT3043-Auditing I
17. MGMT3046-Company Law
18. MGMT3051-Taxation I
19. ACCT3064-Financial Statement Analysis
20. Plus 1 Level II/III Accounting Elective
21-30. Plus 10 Level II/III Free Electives 

Required electives for students who are interested in a career in Accounting**: 
ACCT3041-Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT3044-Auditing II
ACCT3039-Management Accounting II
MGMT3037-International Business Management
MGMT3052-Taxation II


NOTE: *Students pursuing an  Accounting Option or Major or any level III accounting course should not read for ACCT2019–Financial Accounting for Managers. 

Students who plan to pursue an accounting career are being advised to do all the electives listed for Accounting as without these they will not meet international standards for first degree preparation for professional accountants.

Careers after Graduation

Among other areas, our Accounting graduates obtain positions as:
• Financial Accountant
• Budget Analyst
• Corporate Accountant
• Cost Analyst
• Internal / External Auditor
• Governmental and Not-for-profit Accountant
• Public Accountant (CA)
• Revenue Agent
• Tax Preparer
• Tax Accountant