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Welcome to the Campus Records Management

Records are a valuable university assets. They are evidence of the University’s decisions and actions. These records are also critical to achieving operational efficiency, delivering customer service and protecting the university from legal and operational risks.

University records facilitate:

  • efficiency, by making information readily available when needed for decision-making and operational activities;
  • accountability, by enabling the creation of a complete and authoritative record of official activities;
  • compliance, by demonstrating that legal requirements have been met;
  • mitigation, by managing the risks associated with illegal loss or destruction of records, and from inappropriate or unauthorised access to records.
  • documenting and maintaining the university’s memory

Every person employed to the University creates, receives, uses and manages records as part of their function. Managing university records is therefore the responsibility of all faculty and staff.  We are responsible for managing the records and information under our custody or control.

The objective of records management is to ensure that university employees create the records that are required; keep these records in a manner that facilitates efficient access and use; maintain records for as long as we need them for legal, operational and historical purposes; and dispose of them when they are past their retention period. Effective records management saves time, effort, space, money and other resources.

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