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Records Disposition

University policy states that no University Record shall be destroyed or removed from the University’s custody or control without an approved Records retention and Disposition Authority. According to the University Ordinance (Ordinance No. 8) and regulations, any University staff member who knowingly destroys or sanctions the premeditated destruction of University records, which are unscheduled or which are known to be scheduled for transfer to Archives, or who refuses to comply with approved records retention and disposition authorities may be subjected to disciplinary action.

The timely and organized destruction of records is an integral part of the services provided by the University Records Centre as a part of an effective records management programme.

Records are disposed from the centre systematically and in an organized manner. The actions taken are based on the RRDA’S. The Records Centre Supervisor or his designate ensures that the correct records are selected and that the necessary forms bearing record of the actions taken are completed. These may be Transfer to Archives or Destruction Certificate. Those for destruction are destroyed in a secure manner.

Records Transfer/Disposition Form

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