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About Us

Campus Records Management is responsible for the professional and effective management of all University records at the Mona Campus. We assist all departments in establishing efficient systems and processes for the proper management of records and information, and in determining retention and disposition schedules that conform to legal, regulatory, operational and fiscal requirements.

The Campus Records Management functions as part of an integrated University Archives and Records Management Programme (UARMP). The programme is guided by the principles of the University Archives and Records Management Policy which is the remit of the University Archives and Records Management Advisory Committee.

The department consists of three (3) units:

  • The Campus Records Office which provides advisory services to all offices that operates a decentralized filing system.
  • The Registry Records Services which has responsibility for maintaining a central registry of files containing active/semi-active University records which have been created and received by the Registry, Bursary and University Centre.
  • The UWI Records Centre which manages the inactive records for all offices located on the Mona Campus. This section serves as a temporary and low-cost storage facility for the semi-active and closed records of the University of the West Indies. It is also an intermediary point of storage between the various offices and departments of the University and the Archives.
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