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About the Office of the Campus Registrar

The Office of the Campus Registrar consists of nine Sections which include the Examinations Section, Office of Graduate Studies and Research, Human Resources Management Division, International Student Office, Campus Records Management, Students Records Unit, Student Affairs/Admissions, Marketing, Recruitment and Communications Office and The Secretariat. These sections are responsible for performing administrative functions and providing quality and efficient services to students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, and the public.

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These administrative functions are outlined as follows:

  • Recruitment of new students
  • Admission, registration, conducting all University examinations including those studying for higher degrees and by distance Education
  • Development and management of the student information system
  • Staff recruitment, development and training
  • Employee relations and compensation
  • Environment, health and safety
  • Human resource information system
  • Provision of secretariat services
  • Management of records and archives
  • Internal and external communication to all stakeholders
  • Planning and coordinating, campus-based ceremonies including Matriculation and Graduation.

Our Mission

  1. the administration of student and staffing matters.
  2. secretariat functions
  3. internal communication and information management
  4. record keeping and management of the archives

Functions of the Campus Registrar

The Campus Registrar gives general leadership to the Registry of the Mona Campus and plays a central role in the management of administrative functions relating to staff and students. The registrar has responsibility for the recruitment of new students, admission, registration, examination of students, including those studying for higher degrees and by distance, the development and management of the student information system, staff recruitment, development and training, employee relations and compensation, environment, health and safety, human resource information system, provision of secretariat services, the management of records and archives, internal and external communication to all stakeholders and planning and coordinating campus-based ceremonies including Graduation, Matriculation, Long Service and selected special events.

The Registrar is also the steward of the constitutional and business rules and procedures as laid down in the Statutes, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations of the University of the West Indies and advises on “custom and practice”.

Past Registrar

Sir Hugh Springer 1948 - 1961
Sir Sidney Martin 1961 - 1963
The Hon. Hector Wynter 1964 - 1965
The Hon. Don Mills 1965 - 1966
Mr. Carl Jackman 1966 - 1969
Mr. Byron Robertson 1984 - 1992
Mr. Renford Daley 1986 - 1988
Mr. G.E.A. Falloon 1989 - 2007
Dr. Camille Bell-Hutchinson 2007 - 2019
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