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Schedule 2019

Date: Thursday February 7
Date Time Type Details Venue
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 5:00PM TOURS


Overview: Explore Heritage and other points of interest on the Mona Campus. Exciting, bus and walking tours are scheduled and offered throughout the day, for all campus visitors.

Venue Description: Tours Depart  the URD Schools & Tours Centre adjacent the Assembly  Hall

URD Tours Centre
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 11:00AM WORKSHOP

Online Legal Resources Discovery Workshop

Overview: How to find and access legal resources in Lexis Database Facilitator: Mr. Adrian Duncan, Law Librarian, Law Branch Library

Venue Description: Library Booth, Mona Research Village

Mona Research Village
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 3:00PM PARTICIPATORY EXPERIENCE


Overview: Each Department will be represented by one (1) genius (15-20 minutes per hour) who will give a dramatization of a science concept – e.g. equation solving and proofs, Newtonian forces, etc. The audience will be engaged to participate.

AUDIENCE: High School students & their teachers

The Spine, Faculty of Science and Technology
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 5:00PM HIV TESTING SERVICES


Overview: Free HIV Testing by UWI HARP and Bashy Bus. Free HIV testing for all persons!

Come out and get tested!

Venue Description: Graduation Lawn, Adjacent Mona Research Village

The Graduation Lawn
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 5:00PM TEDx EVENT

TED Talks

DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT will be hosting a TEDx (Ted Talk) on Wed Feb 6 as a Signature Event. This will be a massive undertaking led by the students with support from DGOV faculty. It is expected that JTB and/or Sandals will sponsor the event.

Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (SSLT), Faculty of Social Sciences
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 2:00PM PARTICIPATORY EXPERIENCE

Alternative energy using the bicycle

Overview: Participants will ride a bicycle and attempt to light up a series of light bulbs based on speed

AUDIENCE: High school students, FST students

The Spine, Faculty of Science and Technology
Thursday February 7 10:00AM - 6:00PM EXHIBITION


Overview: The Village is an interactive and participatory themed exhibition for visitors to explore and learn more about our research. Special exhibits will also pinpoint contributions made by Mona researchers to Policy development, spotlight upcoming researchers, and unveil emerging studies. Open to the Public, visiting students and campus community.

Open to the Public and Campus Community

The Graduation Lawn

CSI Fire Game

Overview: Fire! Delve into the world of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). Participants will learn basic information about burn patterns and accelerants. Using a series of physical clues and deduction, determine the cause of a fire and solve the case.

Target Audience: High school students

Capacity: 15 students per group

Material Science Fire laboratory
Thursday February 7 11:00AM SCAVENGER HUNT

Science Scavenger Hunt

Overview: Involve all departments. QR Codes will be mounted at various locations around the faculty and students will have to follow the clues to move from the starting point to the end. Students will need their smartphones or tablets to download QR code reader and use it to participate in the hunt

AUDIENCE: High school students (15 students per session)

The Spine, Faculty of Science and Technology
Thursday February 7 11:00 AM GEO TECH EVENT


Overview: The event presents a fun and educational opportunity for students to create maps and simulate reducing disaster risks and addressing public health crises. The activities will introduce and provide hands on experience for students in GIS Technology, Cartography and Geography and will expose them to career options in the Geosciences

Organizers: The Department of Geography and Geology (DOGG) and The National Spatial Data Management Division, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Computer Lab Department of Geography and Geology


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