Security on the Mona Campus is everybody's business. Security affairs are managed by the office of the director of security who brings together the Campus Security Unit (uniformed security officers) and the Mona Police. Together they form the security team that facilitates the roll-out of programmes to enhance security and educate stakeholders and visitors of their responsibilities for personal security.
Campus security services are not restricted to deter, prevent and apprehend violators, but also aid in the provision of services to enhance life, mobility and the general campus experience. These include, campus escort services and a lost and found registry.

Parking Violation

Parking Violation

Parking of vehicles is only allowed in designated areas. All others will be clamped. A general car park is available across from the Credit Union for all persons without special parking arrangements.



Vehicular escorts are available to students from 8:00pm nightly until 2:00am within the campus and in surrounding areas where students reside. Each hour, the escort leaves the main library for off-campus, while an internal escort moves from point to point within the campus doing pickups and drop-offs. On campus escort services can be accessed by calling the security post or visiting any security post within the campus.

Stolen Items

Stolen Items

Items lost or stolen can be registered or retrieved at the security post. We encourage students to keep their property secure. In case you have found an item, please report and deliver to the nearest security post. Persons wishing to recover lost items must visit the security base (main office) to do so.


Security Tips

Street Smart

Try to avoid walking alone, particularly during hours of darkness. If you must walk alone at night use well-lit streets with as much vehicle traffic as possible and walk near the curb.

Avoid carrying a purse and keep a wallet in your pocket instead. Keeping money separate will allow you to hand over your cash without sacrificing your credit cards identification and personal papers. If you must carry a purse clutch it tightly under your arm and not loosely hung from your shoulder.

Scan the area ahead as you walk. If you observe suspicious person or vehicles, change direction and walk to a place of safety.

If you are walking when streets are relatively empty, make eye contact with everyone you pass and keep yourself at arm's length away from them. Walk briskly and confidently.

After dark, avoid public parks, vacant lots and areas with excessive trees and bushes.

While waiting for a bus or taxi if the bus-stop is deserted, wait in a well-lit section with your back against the wall if possible.

If you are robbed, obey the robber's instructions. Try to memorize the robber's physical features, clothing, motor vehicle and direction of travel. Call the police at the nearest safe telephone.