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Reporting an Incident

Depending on the nature and type of an incident, and in addition to the option to inform the Students Services Manager, this should be reported to the following entities for which the extensions, straight lines and cell phones numbers are listed below:

  • The Mona Police
  • Campus Security 

If the matter to be reported is considered highly sensitive please direct these reports/calls to Mona Police at  (876) 927-2298 or extension 2331/876-837-7192 or the Campus Security Base at (876) 784-8881 or the Central Security Incident Monitoring Station (CSIMS) - 876-702-4334. Extension:7469 or 555. Information regarding occurrences, observations, suspicious persons or activities, security concerns and suggestions are to be reported to the aforementioned entities or to the nearest security officer.

Complaints and queries relating to Campus Security operatives and or their functions should be referred to the Director of Campus Security or the Zone Chief. It is important that all incidents be reported, not only to try and apprehend the perpetrator but also to get a fuller sense of type and location of incidents so as to better ensure security on campus.

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