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Campus Security Committee


Prof. Suzette Haughton Chairman
Mr. Carl Lawrence Campus Legal Officer
Mr. Norman Heywood  Director of Security
Mr. Jason McKenzie Director Office of Student Services & Development (OSSD)
Ms. Jacqueline Scott-Crossley Representative, The Bursary
Ms. Kaydian Martin Director, Marketing, Recruitment and Communications Office (MARCOMM)
Ms. Nolda Thompson Senior Assistant Registrar, HRMD
Mrs. Lorna Fowler-Burchell Inspector & Officer I/C Mona Police Post
Mr. Patrick Morris Campus Security Manager, Campus Security (King Alarm)
Ms. June Barbour Representative, WIGUT
Mr. Jeffrey Thompson Representative, MONATS
Ms. Wayne Waite Representative, MONATS
Ms. Claudio Keldo Representative, U.A.W.U
Dr. Samuel Brathwaite College Common Association
Dr. Devon Smith Estate Manager, Estate Management Department/Maintenance
Mr. Christopher Harty Deputy Estate Manager - Technical, Estate Management Department/Maintenance
Major Clive Davis Chief Emergency Management  Officer, SEMS,  Safety and Emergency Management Systems (S.E.M.S.)
Mr. Darion Walker Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS),  Dean's Representative (FMS)
Dr. Frederick Boyd Faculty of Science and Technology,  Dean's Representative (FST)
Mr. Christopher Muir Senior Information Technology Officer. Mona Information Technology Services (M.I.T.S.)
Mr. Steve Weaver West Road Community Representative
Mr. Kevin Bushay Representative, The Libraries
Mr. Asher Garwood Representative, The Guild
Mr. Alton Bailey Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, 138 Student Living
Ms. Marie McCalla Representative, Campus Projects Office
Ms. Deneal Walters Recording Secretary, Administrative Officer, Campus Security Office
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