Campus Security Committee

Mr. Joseph Pereira Deputy Principal and Chairman
Dr. Steve Weaver Representative, West Road Residents & FMS
Mr. Herman McDaniel Deputy Bursar
Mr. Horton Dolphin Student Services and Development Manager, AZ Preston Hall
Mr. Andre Williams Representative, Guild of Students
Mrs. Kathleen Sambo Estate Manager
Mr. Hector Slack Deputy Estate Manager
Dr. Karl Aiken Representative, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
Mr. Mark Nelson Registrar's Representative
Mr. Christopher Muir Representative, WIGUT
Mr. Kevin Duncan Representative, MITS
Ms. Rose Cameron Representative, Principal's Office
Major Raymond Dobbs Campus Security Manager (Guardsman)
Mr. Jason Mckenzie Representative, Commuting Students' Office
 ACP Keith Gardner  Director of Security
Mr. Ricardo Anderson Security Website
Mr. Wayne Waite Representative, MONATS
Mr. Alvin Millwood Representative UAWU
Mr. Carl Lawrence Campus Legal Officer
Dr. Thelora Reynolds Director, Office of Student Services and Development
Major Clive Davis Campus Safety Consultant
Mrs. Kay Bruce Recording Secretary