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Climate Services and Caribbean Resilience: A Historical Perspective

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This article describes the evolution of climate services in the Caribbean
over the last fifty years, which represents an important contribution to the
region’s increasing resilience to extreme weather, increasing climate
variability, and climate change. In particular, it focuses on recent advances
made by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH)
in collaboration with its multiple international, regional and national
partners, to build the foundation for, and implement its multi-sectoral
Early Warning Systems across Climate Timescales (EWISACTs) portfolio
that serves the water, disaster risk reduction, agriculture and food security,
health, tourism and energy sectors, among others. The region’s cumulative
historical experience makes it clear that the ability of the Caribbean climate
services programme to effectively enhance regional resilience depends on
building products and services that not only address critical sectoral needs,
but which also offer opportunities to facilitate the structural reforms
required for Caribbean economies to transition to a path of sustainable

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