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Debt for Climate Swaps: Lessons for Caribbean SIDS from the Seychelles’


Innovative financing mechanisms such as debt for climate swaps could
help Caribbean SIDS (small island developing states) fund their costly
climate adaptation programmes, as well as reduce their high public debt
levels. In 2016, Seychelles secured the world’s first debt for climate swap
deal with the Paris Club group of developed country creditors, aimed at
ocean conservation and climate resiliency. This article draws lessons for

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Climate Services and Caribbean Resilience: A Historical Perspective


This article describes the evolution of climate services in the Caribbean
over the last fifty years, which represents an important contribution to the
region’s increasing resilience to extreme weather, increasing climate
variability, and climate change. In particular, it focuses on recent advances
made by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH)
in collaboration with its multiple international, regional and national

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