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Caribbean Journal of Education

Physics Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes to Innovative Teaching Strategies

Publication Date: 
April 2022

This study investigated perception and attitude to innovative teaching strategies in Senior Secondary Schools in Kwara State, Nigeria. Sample selection used a descriptive survey design. A total of 141 physics teachers participated using the purposive sampling technique. The instrument used was “Physics Questionnaire on Perception and Attitude to Innovative Teaching Strategies (PQPAITS)”, with a 0.78 reliability coefficient using Cronbach Alpha. Data collected were analysed using descriptive methods, t-test, and analysis of variance. Results showed that physics perception and attitude to innovative teaching strategies were positive. Gender did not influence perception. The attitudes of males were more positive towards innovative teaching strategies than their female counterparts. Teachers with 5–9 years of teaching experience exhibited high value in perception. Conclusively, the attitudes and perceptions of teachers are favourable to innovative teaching and perception of gender roles were minimal. The study recommends training for senior school physics teachers in innovative teaching strategies.

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