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Caribbean Journal of Education

Implicit and Explicit Gender-Based Violence in Caribbean Educational Institutions

Publication Date: 
April 2007

Violence, in all its forms, is associated with hierarchies of power in human relationships which result from divisions based on social organizing structures such as gender, race and class. In most societies, violence is commonly associated with power inequality in relations of gender and with a “normalized” hegemonic masculinity in which, according to Mills (2001) “…boys’ and men’s identities are entwined with their abilities to demonstrate their power over girls and women and also over other boys and men.” Gender-based violence is therefore now recognized and acknowledged as a universal phenomenon, nuanced by context, but which affects victims across the entire life cycle in both the private and public domains; and, although public educational institutions are expected to be safe environments, increasingly they have become spaces in which all forms of violence are perpetrated and experienced by both students and teachers.

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