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Caribbean Journal of Education

John A. Savage and the Establishment of Elementary Education in Jamaica, 1863–1879

Publication Date: 
April 2002

The years 1863 to 1880 cover the period when the Welshman John A. Savage served as Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools in Jamaica. Savage had been recruited by the Rev. J. M. Trew, first secretary of the Mico Trustees, shortly after full emancipation in the British colonies. Savage was to be trained as a teacher at the newly established Mico Institution in Jamaica. He began his training on September 23, 1839, and completed the course nine months later in June of the following year. At this point, he was directed by the Trust to proceed to Antigua to fill a position at the Mico Institution in that island. On his return to Jamaica he was appointed to a school at Mt. Charles, where he taught for almost 10 years. He then left teaching for the world of business, and it was from these pursuits that he was called by Governor Edward John Eyre in 1862 to conduct an enquiry into the state of education in Jamaica.

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