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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Developing Teacher Leaders in Undergraduate Education Programmes for Transformational Change

Publication Date: 
April 2018

This article reports on a study that used transformational leadership theory and teacher leader model standards to conduct a qualitative process evaluation of a Bachelor of Education programme at a Caribbean university. The study sought to discover existing institutional structures that promoted and those that inhibited the development of teacher leaders. Further, it addressed the question of the ways in which teacher preparation programmes could better facilitate the development of transformational teacher leaders. Qualitative content analysis of curriculum documents and faculty responses to a questionnaire on teacher leadership in their disciplines indicated that while aspects of the university’s curriculum incorporated activities that develop some teacher leadership knowledge, skills, and competencies, the process requires greater systematic and integrated planning across disciplines. Based on the findings, we recommend the expansion of the study across the entire B.Ed. programme, and the use of longitudinal studies, including graduate tracer studies, to provide valuable baseline data for effective curriculum design and planning to initiate early teacher leadership development for transformational change in education.

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