Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson
Medical Sciences
UWI encourages critical thinking skills in preparation for the future

My experience has been unlike any other. The environment is so new and refreshing. It’s like stepping into a new country and just trying to take everything in. Meeting students from different schools, communities and countries and making new and seeing old friends is so comforting and worthwhile. There is so much diversity and opportunity to put myself out there and broaden my understanding and perspective of people and cultures.

For my Faculty, medical sciences, you meet hundreds of others with similar ambitions. During our clinical years, our consultant lecturers have repeatedly taught us that the hallmark of a well rounded Physician is in understanding how to apply lessons to life - and not just being able to pass exams. Overall, I feel that this experience has impacted my life in such an unbelievable and positive way that I am ecstatic to continue my experience and see what lies in store.

UWI provides me with the advantage of a solid foundation and effective networking. Above all, UWI encourages critical thinking skills in preparation for the future. Extracurricular activities help us to develop into well rounded graduates - an asset that is desired by most employers nowadays.