Things to Do Off Campus

New Kingston

Enjoy what the city has to offer.

An ideal balance between academics and leisurely activities is what creates the most memorable university experience.

After a hectic week, students can look forward to the different opportunities to de-stress and enjoy what the city has to offer. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Sovereign Centre: located in Liguanea is a popular “chill spot” for a memorable dining and entertaining experience with its extensive food court, restaurants and movie theatre.
  • Carib 5: If you prefer a larger theatre, Carib 5 located in Cross Roads provides another opportunity to enjoy the latest movies.
  • Devon House: A popular spot with its well manicured lawns and wide assortment of ice cream and pastries, perfect for meeting up with friends.
  • Hope Gardens: Plan to visit Hope Gardens in the Mona area, where you’ll find a variety of plants, fountains, ponds and a zoo
  • Emancipation Park: If you’re a nature lover, a stroll in Emancipation Park, located in the New Kingston area. Its lush landscape and sculptures provide a relaxing ambiance.
  • Bob Marley Museum: located on Hope Road displays Marley’s personal treasures and provides memorabilia to visitors.
  • The National Art Gallery: has a comprehensive collection of different art forms for everyone to enjoy.
  • Clubs: For the party lovers, clubs such as Fiction and Club Privilege are popular student choices.

The opportunities are great and varied to enjoy what the city has to offer, these help to shape and define memories you create in your university life.

New Kingston

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